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Lo Spazio

The genesis of Spazio Brizzolari has its roots in the will of Giuseppe Brizzolari, brother of Antonio, a Florentine artist who passed away in 2016. Already in 2015 Giuseppe was involved in the creation of a space that could host Antonio's works; as the work proceeded, Antonio had the desire to transform this space into one open to culture in all its meanings and without prejudice; this space Antonio would have called it “The Little Athens”. Antonio Brizzolari has left hundreds of works on canvas, paper, fabric, sheet metal. It has broadcast projects from which reproductions in fiberglass, papier-mâché, metal and ceramic have been built; he personally created or customized with pictorial interventions clothes, costumes and fashion accessories, such as hats and shoes.


He handed down thoughts, writings and considerations on art and how art has strongly characterized his life. “I want to amaze” said Antonio Brizzolari, and amazement is one of the objectives of Spazio Brizzolari. The intent is above all to broaden the concept of the museum to a multifunctional space, designed to accompany young students, children, teenagers, people who love doing things, psychiatric patients, the disabled and people with social difficulties,

as well as all those who wish to, towards an artistic, artisanal, playful-therapeutic path, which at the same time offers the opportunity to enjoy an original environment in which to concretely engage in expressive activities under the guidance of experts. Spazio Brizzolari wants to subvert roles with an immersion in the artistic, craft and life paths of the authors, thus obtaining a liberating displacement, unconventional points of view and discovery, liberation of creative energy, construction of networks, enhancement of beauty precisely where one would least expect to find it: these are the guidelines and values ​​that inspired Spazio Brizzolari.


The structure that houses the Space is located inside the production area of ​​Pianvallico (Scarperia e San Piero - province of Florence), it is a factory dating back to the 70s of the last century and for over thirty years it has been unused .

Just as Antonio Brizzolari's works give color and shape to the human soul, Spazio Brizzolari shapes an old ungrammatical industrial building with a new architectural language, to give it new life with paths and settings capable of welcoming, involving and surprising the visitor.

Learn more about what to expect and the history behind the museum.

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The gallery

The space designed to host meetings, conferences, seminars with artists and artisans and workshops.

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Artistic and cultural meeting and exchange, which hosts the Theater and InConTrArti, a space dedicated to teaching.

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