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Antonio Brizzolari


A Multifunctional Space


Spazio Brizzolari was born with the intention of expanding the concept of museum to a multifunctional space, designed to accompany visitors on an artistic, artisanal, playful - therapeutic journey, which at the same time offers the opportunity to enjoy an original environment in which to try their hand concretely with expressive activities under the guidance of experts.

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Antonio Brizzolari, called Brizzo

Antonio Brizzolari, known as Brizzo, was born in Florence on 7 January 1941 and died in 2016. As a child he visited the Uffizi Gallery and other museums in Florence almost every Sunday with his father and brother Giuseppe. This is how his passion for art begins. From that moment his adolescence and his whole life will be permeated by it. Antonio was more than an artist: painter, writer, actor, teacher, rebel protester. A complex inner world that today relives in his art.


"If you don't know my ideology you can't understand my art"

Upstairs, the art of Antonio Brizzolari is revealed in an exhibition space of 570 square meters. A journey in the soul of a man who lived outside any social scheme, who fought with intensity and conviction against ruthless capitalism, against the hypocrisy of the church, against corrupt politics, against bourgeois conformism and above all against " the wickedness and filth of men”.

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Meetings, debates, seminars

On the ground floor, the Art Gallery and the Forma - Action Space stretch over 630 square meters, two distinct spaces designed to host individually or simultaneously meetings, conferences, seminars with artists and craftsmen and workshops.

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