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Space and Cosmos

By Gustavo Korte

The arts are products of the processing of the subjective and individual soul. They identify, on the one hand, the artist's efforts and, on the other, the mental progress of those who cultivate his results. They present themselves as indicators of processes through which the intellect seeks paths towards what is supposed to be true, cosmic and infinite. There is an implicit relationship between the primary and intuitive notions of space and time. There is a relationship of continence between that suggested by the notion of cosmos if and when dissected and fragmented by what we suppose contained in the space-time relationship. The human being is always subordinated to the intellectual and empirical limits with which he approaches, recognizes, conceptualizes and supposes to be able to identify some cosmic truths.


There are constraints generated in education directed to the assimilation of cultures and knowledge and professional training, contained and subject to the electromagnetic processes in which thoughts originate. The human mind, in capturing some of the recognized fragments in the processes of knowledge, strives to compare, classify and add to what it already has, is itself collective memory. gigantic in ordering ideas, he tries to place cosmic infinity in the small space delimited by the walls of a vase. The space seems to be finite, resized, measurable. We perceive a boundless and boundless Cosmos, but all composed of fragments of space, time, matter, energy and a great cosmic willpower. This generates the driving force that moves the single or pluriversal Cosmos towards perfection. in itself, perfecting itself in reference to all that was, is and can be.

The cosmos has a soul and its original spirit manifests itself in entelexia, a movement directed towards perfection in itself, in itself and in itself. Space and time, matter, energy and mind, on the whole guided by entropy and entelexy, integrate the intuitive notion as a reference for what we call life.


Conceptualizing them, recognizing them, locating them and giving them boundaries and contours becomes the daily practice of cognitive processes. For knowledge we assimilate methods of conceptual approach. By intuition, we receive and enjoy the natural wisdom that all beings and entities carry. Artists receive larger doses. Art cultivators are offered the enjoyment of the beautiful, the true and the eternal generated with strength and intensity from artistic expression. Through the efforts of the artist Antonio Brizzolari to transfer to us, as his known or anonymous admirers, the natural gifts bestowed by the Cosmic Spirit, he announces the close connection between the notions of Cosmos and Space.


From his art emerge the visual sensations with which he signals the next possibility of a state of cosmic consciousness. This means becoming aware that we have our own personal and individual space in the Cosmic Whole in which our lives materialize. It is a brief sense of eternity in which we feel displaced by the experience, memorizing places, positions and postures, free in the imagination but linked to the infinity that we have within us.

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