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Di  Christiane Korte

Colors cause reactions in the physiology of living beings.


Chromotherapy, based on optical and electromagnetic laws, is used to rebalance or maintain the stability of physical, mental and emotional health. Applied in the form of visualization (meditation or directly in the body over the affected body part) or as a reflexology, colors can increase or calm the flow of energy in the body, cleanse, drain, tone or flare the tissues.


The fact of choosing or avoiding a certain color is linked to different pleasant or unpleasant sensations that its chromatic components cause.

The attraction or repulsion for a certain color is probably directly related to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that directly affects the nerve and glandular centers.


We unconsciously associate colors with parts of the body; so if we have an unpleasant or traumatic, physical or emotional experience, the color we prefer will be the one that best suits the part of us that will think about the imbalance caused by the trauma.


Feelings, sensations and impressions caused by colors. The trace and the shapes are the fruit of the intellect: the colors reflect the magic of feelings.



The red color reflects, summer, energy, heat; tones, fortifies, inflames. Awakens sensuality, feeling of strength, agitates and attracts attention and. stimulates movement. Red evokes the opposites: love and passion, anger and violence, creative and destructive force.



It is a positive and maternal color that shows sensuality, welcomes with generosity, joy and optimism. It is the color of detachment of detachment and promotes openness to the world, awakening the desire to communicate and share.



Yellow recalls the sun, the light, the intense splendor, the spring, the sweetness, the new, the awakening of the intellect (conscience and wisdom) and optimism. It is a color that recalls self-confidence and self-esteem; stimulate and satisfy. It indicates how we react to others, shows enthusiasm and desire to free ourselves; excess means tiredness, distraction, restlessness and you can lead us to persist in seeing the situation in a superficial way to avoid great conflicts.


It is reminiscent of nature, life, health, balance, harmony, but it can also devalue a personality and bring restlessness. It is the intermediate color between warm and cold colors; it is in the center of the rainbow; it gives stability, will, perseverance. Green causes a feeling of peace and harmony. These are the moments of autonomy and transition in balance.


Calm, refresh, give an impression of large space. This color gives the feeling of being able to breathe freely, with its fluidity, to expand and go beyond the limits, to move, to make choices based on your personality. It is the color of those who seek to improve communication with the world, with more autonomy, and to share it. But also of those who act in an inexplicable and unconscious way.



Light blue

The blue of sunrise and sunset inspires serenity, peace and calm. it is the color of the intuitive, of the psychics who see farther and also of the introspective. The blue of the night, the deep sea, harmony and even monotony: we look for this color when we feel the need to sleep, or to integrate, when we want to create or restore harmony with the world.




The purple color is the last of the rainbow, it evokes the mysteries of the cosmos, knowledge and wisdom, orientation, justice and the power of the word. It is the color of transmutation, of purification, and where at the extremes it blends, recreating a unity. This color represents the infinite and the sacred.




It is my opinion that Antonio is an extremely creative, spontaneous and present character, but who hides a certain irritation caused by the feeling of being connected to a world of duality that he cannot control. It clearly demonstrates, in various works, the duality experienced in the constant search for the conquest of a space, without having to reveal its most intimate secrets, in order not to feel helpless. And, at the same time, he is moved by the desire to share his feelings: a conflicting ego that must die to let another manifest with its harmonic vision. In his works many eyes and many faces represent his own ego, so often appreciated and loved, and others so hated, rejected, immoral, who hate to be controlled and who have problems with authority. Perhaps because he feels in eternal conflict with his deepest beliefs.


Many times he feels guilty about existing and would like to disappear, die. You see generosity in the outside world, but also monotony. It invites us to fly into a mysterious world, sometimes funny, sometimes scary. He is unable to explain what no one believes anymore, but his works give us the feeling that he knows that it is necessary to get rid of confusion and internal duality to create a new harmonious and limitless world, where you will probably find it now.

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