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Antonio's scream

By Annelyse Fernandes Korte

Sensitivity is a passage that Antonio offers us to travel in his world, space and universe. Before entering this universe, let's tear up our previous concepts, so that we can travel and feel the force on the screens. In a direct, primitive and natural way, he explores the strength of his sexuality and sensuality. In this essential human dimension with Antonio, we will focus on looking deeply, touching and kissing, which go beyond sex. The painter shows his autoeroticism in the relations of domination and sending without limiting the ability to live his paintings with freedom and critical force.



Like Munch, Antonio screams!

With the same extreme psychological distress, he cries out for the poorest, for an egalitarian society, for fairer wages, free education, for equality between men and women, health and doctors for all.

Born anarchist, Antonio is against any kind of hierarchical order that is not socially accepted.

It calls for individual and collective freedom, equality in economic, political and social terms, including issues of gender and race. Calls for more solidarity, more mutual support, with collaboration and a spirit of collectivity.

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